Amazon AWS adds new uptime SLA for RDS

February 12, 2014 Will Warren

Hello and thanks for taking the time to read the official Siamese Systems blog! As time goes on, we will be featuring blog posts from various members of our team on a wide variety of topics. From client-side development to deploying complex and secure web applications on the cloud. I’m Will Warren, Director of Platform Security here at Siamese Systems and I’ll be blogging about various technical and engineering topics with a focus on security and reliability.


Amazon announced today that they are implementing a new 99.95% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) for their Relational Database Service (RDS). This comes as a welcome surprise to technology companies like Siamese Systems who have come to rely on RDS for mission critical applications. The new SLA will allow us to have a measured guarantee of uptime that we can pass on to our end users, and also give us the ability to hold Amazon accountable if they do not meet the SLA on their end. This all adds up to a more durable, predictable service that our users can rely on in their day-to-day operations.

What is RDS exactly? Well, here’s how Amazon describes it:

The Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) was designed to simplify one of the most complex of all common IT activities: managing and scaling a relational database while providing fast, predictable performance and high availability.

RDS enables us to create and deploy our database solutions extremely quickly. It also adds a lot of features like Multi Availability Zones, hot backups, one-click read-replicas and so much more that we would normally have to build out piece by piece. Building up a feature set like that in-house from scratch comes at a serious cost, both financially and as far as timelines are concerned. The best example I like to give people is “If a tidal wave takes out our US East Coast location, our US West Coast deployment will take over without incurring any downtime”. The same sort of thing goes for backup schedules – it’s all taken care of with a few clicks. Setting up all that infrastructure from scratch would take a very long time and cost your company some serious dollars (including plane tickets to the west coast data center!).

This new SLA just adds to the growing list of reasons we’re glad we went with Amazon AWS for our infrastructure backbone. We’re making the kinds of moves that used to stop tech startups in their tracks due to cost and timelines.

Read about the news (as well as all the other features they added) in more detail on the Amazon AWS Blog:

— Will Warren, Director of Platform Security

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