App to Platform: Rebranding to SceneDoc

February 12, 2014 Alex Kottoor

The last year has been one of growth, focus and listening to the market.  Today marks a significant day at the company; we have officially dropped our Siamese Systems company name and our core application name MobileCSI and we are re-branding the company “SceneDoc” with our mobile platform in alignment.

Over the last year we have been working on budding from app to platform; a move that maintains the core functionality that our clients valued in MobileCSI, but introducing a new set of server-side administration and configuration tools that provide our clients with not only a newly designed user interface and experience making it far easier to use, but a much more robust offering.  Within law enforcement and public safety, we learned that the same sophisticated crime scene processing software that is used by the specialized teams could be adapted for the front line, which is truly where our technology will add the greatest incremental value.  First Responders are first to arrive at the scene but typically the last to have access to the technology that will increase effectiveness, promote new levels of productivity, consistency and ultimately help standardize scene documentation.  This inevitably delivers new value to the entire judicial system, not only to the Officers and Agents on the ground but to command staff, senior management, the court room and every stakeholder in the case; and YES that includes us…..the community!

Pinnacle to maintaining the rate of our growth, the team at SceneDoc remains laser focused on listening to our current and prospective clients.  Nothing is introduced into our platform without a handful of clients validating and vetting the value of the feature.  Our move to SceneDoc as a company and platform name is in perfect harmony with our overall growth and marketing strategy.  Our mission is to make SceneDoc the gold standard to how governments and enterprises, which are sensitive to security and compliance, enable personnel to document scenes/things/events using a mobile device.

Our core DNA is still intact and we are still the same great company focused on security, mobility and investigative software.  I encourage you all to check out our new website at to learn more about our company and the growing number of use cases for the SceneDoc platform.

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