Building Corporate Culture

July 25, 2014 Alex Kottoor

At SceneDoc, we know our corporate culture drives what we do.

That means it’s not just about making great technology. It’s about catalyzing that technology with an important purpose: keeping officers safe when they go out everyday and risk their lives to protect and serve the communities in which we live.

Every decision we make, from a senior executive’s choice to create corporate change to a developer’s determination to implement the best product features, to the former officer’s we have on staff and their resolve to market our solution because they believe in the value and have seen results with the software—these all stem from the knowledge that the work we do serves a greater purpose.

SceneDoc software unifies communication, collaboration and field-based reporting, yes. It also positively affects the lives of officers, agents and field personnel, everyday, for the better—and that’s where our purposeful culture comes into play. In law enforcement, for example, we know more officers make it home safely because they’re off scenes faster, and for first responders, we know more lives are saved because our software makes their process more efficient.

So how do we do it? What are the best ways to integrate a culture of purpose into every level of the company?


These three key elements play an instrumental role in building a culture of purpose, integrity and trust:

Consistent communication of purpose

When everyone knows why they’re doing what they’re doing, integrity and trust are infused into every level of the company. We know it’s so important to continually communicate the implications of what every SceneDoc-er is doing. From sharing features and benefits of the software to the development of new software upgrades, we know our team needs to know what a positive impact their work is creating.

When we communicate that purpose, our clients win because they’re getting the best product with the highest level of innovation wrapped into it.

An inclusive, fun work environment

At SceneDoc, we know that when a SceneDoc-er is rested, happy and having fun, they contribute with more clarity and purpose than someone who is overworked. That’s why we provide the team with an upbeat environment and include quarterly events like team-building days to keep SceneDoc-ers performing with purpose, integrity and trust to deliver their highest quality work.

We also know inclusivity drives productivity, equating to a happier, healthier team with purpose in what we do. Each quarter, for example, we determine the best team-building day and have SceneDoc-ers steer the choice of activity. This way, everybody has a say in the fun we have.

A complex-to-simple approach

It’s simple, really. Just as we integrate a complex-to-simple system in software development, so too do we adopt this approach for our corporate culture. We provide SceneDoc-ers with the whole picture—continual communication on what a difference we make in the lives of officers, agents and field personnel, and a fun, inclusive environment in which to thrive. The results are simple: a culture where purpose, trust and integrity are at the heart of everything we do.

To learn more about what a difference SceneDoc makes, request a demo here.

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