Crossing The Public Safety Chasm Into The Digital World

August 25, 2015 John Leonard

 “If you’re lucky, maybe it happens once in your career. It’s when the universe aligns in all the right ways and you realize…‘this is it, this is my chance’. It’s when you wake up one morning and you hear that voice in your head say to you, you finally get to do what you absolutely love to do, and simultaneously the window of opportunity is just beginning to open.”

This is exactly how I felt on that late Thursday afternoon in May when a friend told me about Alex Kottoor, the CEO and co-founder at SceneDoc Inc.

There was excitement in my friend’s voice when he called me and said “I know you’ve been looking for something new, something fresh, something creative and innovative where you can lead a sales team and introduce public safety to an emerging technology that would take our industry by storm – I found it!”

SceneDoc is the provider of the leading smartphone/tablet-based investigation and field documentation platform providing law enforcement and a variety of public safety personnel a highly secure, accurate and consistent means of documenting crime, accident and other incident scenes. Comprised of a highly configurable mobile application together with cloud-based data backup and administration, SceneDoc is the proven solution-of-choice for governments and enterprises around the globe.

It only took 20 minutes after walking into SceneDoc’s Toronto-based headquarters that I realized I had walked into something really special. It was a feeling I won’t soon forget. “I actually caught myself saying aloud. this will be a real game changer for the industry that I have been so proud to be a part of for over the past thirty-five years”. These first few minutes, were almost magical.

Walking through the office front door, following Alex who was brimming from ear to ear with pride; he had built this company with his business partner AdrianBubalo, the company’s CTO.

It was like being on the edge of that cliff where the past is suddenly behind you and a gap stands between you and what is possible. All you can think about is how do I get across to the other side!

The office’s entrance is adorned by a black and white wall covered in various public safety ‘scenes’ that span somewhere between 6 to 8 feet tall and some 35 feet long. The office is bright, open and you can almost feel the creativity radiating off of the group of incredibly talented young engineers. I quickly have come to learn these guys are good, really good!

So earlier today, I took solace in knowing that the “crawl’ stage of my 30, 60, 90 day “crawl, walk, run” plan is behind me. I have come to learn these first 30 days are by far the most difficult, but also most important. Thankfully, I walk pretty fast and running is what all of us want to do, when you see the potential to be involved in the next paradigm change that will allow us to cross the public safety chasm into the digital world.

SceneDoc is a well-funded company with a solid foundation at the executive level. There is also a terrific group of investors (Motorola Solutions Venture CapitaliGan Partners, industry veterans like George Heinrichs just to name a few) and industry advisors that support the growth of our company.

What impresses me most about SceneDoc is that it is a ‘true’ mobile platform. Not to be mistaken for a ‘web’ based solution, SceneDoc’s ‘mobile first’ capabilities and flexibility position our company for rapid and consistent growth.

Crossing the public safety chasm by introducing new technology in the field requires a leap of faith and the ability to see that the window of opportunity is opening at just the right time.

It’s time!

I look forward to helping you cross over.

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