Every CSIs Migraine

September 2, 2014 Niki Laxamana

The paperwork. It piles up from the moment you begin collecting data, evidence that gives integrity to every crime scene investigation. It’s got to be organized, and as every crime scene investigator knows, it must be done meticulously, carefully, so as not to compromise a case.

It’s not always so simple though, as every crime scene investigator also knows. With multiple scenes and multiple officers on those scenes, the work can get more complicated than the seemingly simple protocols suggest. It’s not that we don’t know the parameters for documentation; it’s more that the realities of day-to-day logistics as an officer make for more complex scenarios than what are in the simple guidebooks.

SceneDoc helps solve those very issues.

From the challenges of keying in data after on-scene evidence-collection, to the unique requirements of multi-officer, multi-scene scenarios, to the must-knows of properly handling hazardous materials or maintaining integrity of evidence when collected and documented—there’s a lot to know.

There’s no doubt officers do their best with traditional methods, but with software and systems that make it easier to maintain simplicity on the job, it’s also true that what’s now available with SceneDoc not only raises the bar for evidentiary integrity, it also becomes the aspirin to every CSIs worst migraine.

Not only does SceneDoc help alleviate the pains of paperwork, it systematizes what can be a very manual process and keeps officers safe. Keying in findings after originally documenting them takes time, and those are precious moments that can often be the difference between thriving in the field, making gains towards solving cases, and being stuck behind a desk piled with paperwork.

It’s not just the manual process though.

SceneDoc’s system is such that you no longer have to lug the heavily-weighted guidebook from scene to scene. Everything you need is in one hand-held device.

SceneDoc truly is the aspirin to every CSI’s migraines, and here’s how we alleviate the headaches:

Seamless integration

There’s no more duplicating processes. With software that integrates into records and case management, there’s no need for scribbling notes at a crime scene, then heading back to the office to decipher the scribbles and put them into a whole other system. With SceneDoc, the officer is the office.

Every item that’s entered at the scene seamlessly ties into RMS with a series of APIs (application programming integration systems). That means the data syncing happens effortlessly. It’s not to say there’s not effort—everything has to be collected at the scene, but that’s it. With this software, CSIs can focus on what they do best: collecting and documenting data, and solving the cases they’re there to solve.

What does this mean for officers and agencies? Less paperwork and more time focusing on case management.

Accuracy for the aggregate

It’s not just one officer, as we know. Often times, there are not only multiple officers but multiple scenes where evidence is collected. This can be challenging, at best, and a logistical nightmare, at worst, and it can compromise cases when not done to protocol.

SceneDoc knows this, and has created a solution.

With a specialized cataloguing system, coordinating data amongst officers is no longer an issue. The evidence and data are entered and SceneDoc organizes it in near real-time, so it’s as simple as documenting the data within the software. There’s no coordinating among officers, and no worrying about the numbering (or mis-numbering) of evidence.

With this software, the integrity of evidence goes up, and so does the strength of cases. Court prep is easier, and it’s all done in an organized, secure way that gives more accuracy to every crime scene investigation.

Officer safety in a lightweight device

We’ve all been there. Dragging the heavy manuals to the scene to know how to deal with hazardous material or a piece of evidence that requires a specific style of handling. We want to be safe and keep evidence intact, but does it have to be so heavy?

With SceneDoc, the exact protocols are available, so all officers are kept safe and the integrity of evidence is maintained at a standard of excellence. The difference though? Instead of being loaded down with handbooks and manuals, it’s all available in one hand-held device.

As a former officer, I know just what a difference this can make and we’ve seen first-hand how agencies and law enforcement organizations are benefiting from this revolutionary technology.

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