Going Paperless: Prince George’s County DPW&T Implements SceneDoc to Reach their Goals

December 9, 2014 Todd Oakes

Ashburn, VA, Dec. 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Now Technologies Inc. (NTi) and SceneDoc Inc. are pleased to announce the expansion of SceneDoc within Prince George’s County (Maryland) Department of Public Works and Transportation. DPW&T is responsible for 1800 miles of County Roadway, public transit and storm water management to all citizens in the County in order to ensure a safe, efficient and effective transportation system. Implementing SceneDoc to automate field documentation and enabling a paperless environment is a primary initiative for DPW&T. DPW&T believes SceneDoc represents a major advancement in field documentation for public works and transportation, one that will improve accuracy and increase productivity. DPW&T managers believe it is critical for the Department to think about ways to understand, validate and deploy new technologies and SceneDoc solves their paperless communications and reporting challenges. Over the last 9 months SceneDoc has been engaged with the County’s Traffic Response and Information Partnership (TRIP) Center to prove the concept and build a working framework for the County. This framework encompasses the TRIP Center, Road Maintenance, Snow Removal, Storm Drain, Signal Shop, Sign Shop, and Special Services Operations.

Prince George’s County DPW&T is the most recent organization in a rapidly expanding customer base to begin leveraging the power and mobility wrapped within the flexible SceneDoc Platform. “Now Technologies is pleased to team with SceneDoc to bring their mobile technology to DPW&T,” says Sean Williams, President & CEO of Now Technologies Inc. “This is a major step towards their goal of going paperless.” Alex Kottoor, CEO and Co-Founder of SceneDoc stated, “We are pleased to have Prince George’s County realize their goals with our software. DPW&T’s adoption of SceneDoc demonstrates the adaptability of our platform to not only meet the requirements of Public Works and DoT’s but enabling agencies to fully leverage their investment in mobile technology.”

About Now Technologies Inc.

Now Technologies, Inc. (NTi) is a Certified Prince George’s County Based Small Business (CBBC-13-023) located in Lanham, Maryland. NTi holds a GSA Schedule 70 and is a MD State CATS+ (Consulting and Technical Services) Master Contractor. NTi specializes in IT services and solutions; for the past 18 years NTi has exceeded the IT support service and solution needs of commercial, non-profit, and government clients throughout the Washington Metropolitan area.. NTi provides premier professional services to its customers in the field of IT Consulting, Network Design and Implementation and Project Management. NTi offers offsite and onsite desktop and application support services to commercial, non-profit and government clients in the Washington DC metro region. With foresight into future and in-depth understanding of our customer needs, we provide solutions to meet the business goals of our customers. We constantly improve our capabilities to offer the newest IT technologies and solutions to our customers.

About SceneDoc

SceneDoc is the global leader in mobile investigative management software. SceneDoc is a smartphone/tablet-based software platform that provides law enforcement and a variety of public safety personnel a highly secure, accurate and consistent means of documenting crime, accident and other incident scenes. Comprised of a highly configurable mobile application together with cloud-based data backup and administration, SceneDoc is the proven solution-of-choice for governments and enterprises around the globe.


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