Our DNA: “Security. Mobility. Investigative Software”

February 12, 2014 Alex Kottoor

It’s no surprise that most VC’s and Angels here in Canada are petrified of our mission of delivering a mobile and cloud computing platform to Law Enforcement and Government all up, especially when our first market is the US.   Long and complex sales cycles, incredible barriers to entry, high cost of client acquisition etc.  All of which by the way gets our entire team that much more excited about the task at hand.

A question we often get as a first mover in this space is “what are you going to do if another software provider builds something like MobileCSI?”  At Siamese, we are real to competition and in fact welcome it, but the things that will ultimately keep us in the game and constantly seen as the trusted partner is having a daily and rigorous focus on 3 things:

  1. Security – are we building an ironclad solution?
  2. Data integrity – is what is being collected in the field syncing and backing up 100% of the time?
  3. Data Loss Prevention – how do we ensure that ZERO data is ever compromised or lost…..even during a hardware failure?

Every week we have team meetings to benchmark our software on what seems to be a ‘revolving and evolving door’ of government security and compliance regulations.  Every week we scan what other security based software companies are up to.  Every week we are trying to raise the bar with overall platform security, and on a daily basis we are focused on writing and delivering a mobile platform that is stable and bullet proof…..no pun intended!  Anybody can build apps, but there is a lot that goes into security infrastructure, design, quality assurance etc., and absolute commitment is required for this to be core to one’s DNA.

With that all said, in this space of law enforcement and investigative services, software has just gotta work and I’m proud of the team’s effort and pure passion in getting MobileCSI to that state.

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