Radford University Adds SceneDoc into Emergency Management Curriculum

February 23, 2016 Paige Flanagan

Mobile data collection platform gives students real-world experience in emergency response and asset allocation.

Toronto, ON, February, 23 2016 — SceneDoc, public safety’s first all-in-one mobile software for data collection and retrieval, today announces that Radford University will incorporate the SceneDoc mobile data collection platform into its Emergency Management curriculum within the Criminal Justice Program.

Radford University, a post-secondary institution in Radford, Virginia is committed to ensuring its students have experience using technology solutions they ultimately will use when they join the workforce. Emergency Management students are using the latest technology to apply Department of Homeland Security Incident Command System (ICS) and Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) principles through the integration of SceneDoc into their coursework.

SceneDoc, which is live with agencies such as Rockbridge County Emergency Management, Montgomery County Virginia Emergency Services, Prince Georges County DPW&T, Palm Springs PD, and Midland Police Service, enables students to take photography and annotate them, complete electronic forms, create scene drawings, add video/audio files and take keyboard-inputted or voice recorded notes.

The semester culminates with a functional exercise where students experience what command and control entails in an emergency operations center as they execute their assigned roles. During the exercise, all data collected through SceneDoc streams to a server in near-real time for storage, retrieval and collaboration. The field-based information is then readily available in the command center providing real-time information for Incident Command.

“When our students use this type of technology in class and during exercises it provides a sense of what it’s like in the real world as incidents unfold, which is critical to helping them understand the practical application of concepts from the classroom,” said Professor and Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice Stephen Owen. “This technology allows students to simulate incident planning, response, and after-action reporting, and provides a dynamic platform for coordinating exercises in an emergency operations center environment, all while using the same software as professionals in the field.”

Radford University is the ninth school in North America to introduce SceneDoc into its Criminal Justice and Emergency Management Program curriculum.

“Radford University has taken a significant step towards their goal of providing an experiential learning process for their students,” said SceneDoc Vice President of Customer Success Todd Oakes. “From a simple 10 minute exercise in class, to the capstone exercise at the end of the semester, SceneDoc helps tie concepts to real world application for the students.”

About Radford University

Radford University is a comprehensive public university of nearly 10,000 students that has received national recognition for many of its undergraduate and graduate academic programs, as well as its sustainability initiatives. Radford University has provided criminal justice coursework for over 40 years and currently offers undergraduate and graduate programs in criminal justice, as well as an online option for a master’s degree in criminal justice and a post-baccalaureate certificate in crime analysis.

About SceneDoc

SceneDoc is public safety’s first all-in-one mobile software for data collection and retrieval. By modernizing with SceneDoc, agencies operate with higher levels of clarity and control, with fewer moving parts, capturing data and reporting at the point of need. SceneDoc is saving agencies an hour of paperwork per shift on average, resulting in less time reporting and more time in the community so officers can do what they do best. Agencies can share information and collaborate in near real-time, from any internet connected device, so potentially lifesaving intelligence is only a tap away. See why 90% of our customers are advocates at www.scenedoc.com.

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