SceneDoc Releases v3.0

May 21, 2015 Will Warren

The SceneDoc team is very excited to announce that version 3.0 is now available! This is our largest release to date and it is all about creating a better user experience, increasing visibility to the scene, enabling additional multimedia capabilities and enhancing security.

By working diligently and listening to our customers, we’ve created a product that helps eliminate the documenting and administrative issues Public Safety officials face every day.

Here are the 3.0 release highlights:

Home Screen & Quick Actions

The new Home Screen gives quick access to the most commonly used features within the mobile app. More than just shortcuts, this new feature also allows users to launch straight into data collection without needing to initialize a new SceneFile using the new quick action buttons.

SceneDoc3.0_IOS_Home Screen

Use the New Photo, Video, Audio, Notepad and Scene Note buttons to simply start collecting data. The SceneFile arrival time, location and weather are auto populated so you can start working right away.

Audio & Video

Make full use of the capabilities of your device by using SceneDoc to collect video and audio from a scene. The data is seamlessly and securely synchronized with the SceneDoc Cloud just like all the other data within your SceneFile.

2-Way Data Synchronization

SceneDoc now allows for full data synchronization with the cloud. If you create a SceneFile from a second (or third!) device, it will immediately be available on all other devices you’re logged into, as well as on the Cloud.

Sharing & Teams

More than one person collecting data on a scene? No problem. Use the new sharing feature to custom build a team who can all work together and collect data under one umbrella. Our meticulous audit records maintain the chain of custody while allowing the data to be more easily managed on the cloud.


Multiple users can now also share a single device. Each user that logs into the device is given their own internal sandbox encrypted separately from any other user accounts that might be on that same device. This allows an organization to get the most out of their devices. For example, during shift work when many users might be active at different times.

Notification Center

The cloud now has a new central location for notifications. Notifications come from many different places around the system such as when a user uploads data to a SceneFile that you created (using the new sharing capabilities!). Each user is able to customize their Notification Center preferences. If you’d rather not receive an email message, you can specify that you only want to be notified via the web interface.


An alternative notification channel is also available now that the SceneDoc Cloud can send SMS messages. Using SMS alerts means that supervisors can be notified in real time of important events and gain more awareness into the situation.

Create SceneFiles from the web

Until now, users have been limited to creating SceneFiles using the mobile app. That same capability is now available on the SceneDoc Cloud. Even the weather and location fields are auto-populated! In addition to SceneFile creation, you can now also fill out forms on the Cloud. This means that almost all features available in the mobile apps are now available using just a web browser, allowing Officers to use the laptops in their police cars to document scenes.

We’ve also enhanced the data uploader on the Cloud. For example, uploading a whole folder of photos is now a snap – simply click the Upload button and drag and drop your photos onto the designated area. We applied this same feature to all other media types such as video and audio, so get uploading!

Security Enhancements

At SceneDoc we take security very seriously. In an ongoing effort to comply with and outdo the federal CJIS guidelines set out by the FBI, we’ve removed the ability for any SceneDoc employees to be able to see your data.

The decision to share your data with us for support purposes or troubleshooting can now only be made by the owner of the data: you. Just toggle support mode to “ON” and we will be notified that you need help automatically and someone from our administration team will reach out to you.


Along with all the great new features I’ve already mentioned, we’re always working to enhance security and accountability within the SceneDoc Platform. A few new things we’ve done include adding expiry dates to User accounts so that they can be automatically made invalid after a certain date and adding an auto-logout feature so that the system logs you out after a period of inactivity.

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