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March 6, 2018 Scott Bolton

Severing the tether

Currently, when an officer leaves their vehicle they become fundamentally disconnected from their data infrastructure. For motorcycle, bike and on-foot officers it’s when they leave the station! No access to systems, no ability to process work, it’s just radio with dispatch on the other end. This status quo needs challenging. Officers need a way to be connected and fully operational while in the field, not just in their vehicle.

It used to be that officers would work their shift and head back to the station to complete their paperwork. With the adoption of in-car technology like mounted laptops, slowly, data input and reporting evolved and the cruiser became their new quasi-office. But today, more is possible! A secure connection to systems and the ability to easily report, collaborate and access information are now possible, and they will empower your officers to operate more effectively in the field.

Mobile devices begin this journey to a connected and fully operational field officer, but it's important to note, they will never truly be "connected" without a secure way to utilize their systems and complete their work. With the right mix of hardware and software, you can severe the tether currently restricting officers and empower them to be effective anywhere.


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